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There are Qualifications***  that are required to charter our yachts. We follow the guidelines laid out by the RYA and the MCA..
We request charterers to confirm they have appropriate qualifications and experience. For bareboat yacht charter on our yachts in the Clyde area we ask that the designated Skipper in the charter party on each yacht should hold the  RYA Day Skipper qualification and that they or one member of  the crew should hold a VHF Radio Operators Licence and that a member of his crew has an equivalent sailing qualification or suitable experience to act as Mate on the Yacht.  For the larger yachts, RYA Coastal Skipper or equivalent sailing experience, is required.

Yachts can be chartered outwith the Clyde. In this instance we ask that the designated Skipper in the charter party on each yacht should hold at least  RYA Coastal Skipper or Yachtmaster qualification, and a VHF Operators Licence. This can be waived if you can demonstrate having considerable previous experience.
If you have a  Day Skipper and/or other certificates but perhaps would like a little experience of the yacht’s handling qualities before  heading out, we will be prepared to accompany you for any handling exercise that you feel would be of benefit before you depart the marina.

Please let us know where you would like to go if you’re not familiar with the Clyde. Our Yacht Owners will be delighted to advise you on the local cruising area and on harbours and anchorages to visit and to give you some suggested routes for your charter. It’s a great cruising area.

Largs has great transport links and is easy to get to by road, rail and by air. It has good pubs, restaurants, a good supermarket & great local facilities.

*** For visitors from abroad we recognise that you might well not hold the UK RYA Qualifications however we are quite happy to accept equivalent qualifications.

 Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that charter clients should arrange travel insurance cover for cancellation and accident risks. Your current Holiday Insurance policy may not cover you for sailing activities so please check to ensure you have adequate cover.  If your policy does not seem to cover everything you need, then you can get an online quote and pay for your insurance through Haven Knox Johnston, Bishop Skinner  or Topsail who offer a specialist Yachtsman's travel insurance policy.

Skipper’s Qualifications